Who needs that after a long day living life?

Don’t you experience enough trials and tribulations just making through the day only to have to continue to battle for your sanity and peace of mind when you return to your sanctuary?

Elite Maids recognizes that your home is your sanctuary; your escape from the dredges of everyday life; the place you go to recharge and revitalize and in this day and age of being exposed to pervasive chemical stews and environmental stresses in your office environment, your car, restaurants, and even just by breathing in the air around you, why wage chemical warfare within your trusted sanctuary?

Elite Maids has recognized that the very products other cleaning compaines use are actually waging chemical and nuclear warfare on your mind, body, and spirit. Elite Maids has found that most cleaning products have within them industrial waste products, perfumes, and other chemcial concotions that deaden your senses and drain your energy.

That is why at Elite Maids, we are PROUD to offer our clients a GREEN CLEANING SOLUTION to sanctify and cleanse your sactuary, allowing you to attain clarity of mind and serinity of being.

Elite Maids GREEN CLEANING SOLUTION consists of not only natural, organic cleaning products, but also combines aromatheraphy, feng shui, indoor air-cleaning plants, and other spiritual-based cleaning methods to transforming your sanctuary into a super re-vitalization zone.

  • Recharge your mind
  • Restore your energy
  • Rejuvinate your spirit

CALL 813-992-0859 TODAY and Elite Maids will custom tailor a GREEN CLEANING SOLUTION to fit your lifestyle.